Hello, Hi!

My name is Céline, I'm a professional Healer. I work on:

  • Water healing: light up the water within your body (from 60% to 70%!) and work on body blockages,

  • Energy healing: bring awareness on your vibrations (mind and body) to release your flow of energy,

  • Emotional healing: identify and discuss major traumas or hidden memories from your past or family trees to calm and alleviate any consequences on the functioning of your body

As a practitioner with more than 800 sessions, I'm now very happy to share my skills with American-English speaker. I had the chance and honor to study both at UCONN and Cornell, I visited the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, India and many other English speaking countries. I love the idiom of Shakespeare and Uncle Sam ;)

I look forward meeting you!

Cheers & more,



Memories from last visit in CT and NYC

How does it work?

We book a session (1 hour), you can choose a topic or let go and I will examine your unconscious body, whatever comes out and we can discuss. I work on your energetic structure to help you change or adapt new habits and change.

Direct effects include a quieter mind; release of tensions; and improve capacities to make decisions, to see clearer your needs and to focus actions.

One hour: ~ 90$ / 80 euros - Book here